PCR & qPCR Reagents

PCR & qPCR Reagents

TAG Copenhagen is the Danish representative for Solis BioDyne – a major manufacturer of top quality Polymerase Chain Reaction reagents (Endpoint PCR & realtime PCR (qPCR) Kits).

Our PCR & qPCR products:

  • qPCR Mixes
  • PCR Mixes
  • Taq DNA Polymerases
  • Next Generation Sequencing Kits
  • Other PCR Reagents
  • Other Enzymes

Stability at ambient temperature

Stability TAG is the technology with which Solis Biodyne are able to create highly stable proteins without compromising the properties of the protein itself. It has allowed Solis Biodyne to produce products such as FIREPol® – the ambient temperature stable Taq Polymerase. Stability TAG Technology makes the reagents stable at ambient temperature for one month.

  • Perfect quality at ambient temperature
  • Reaction set-up does not require ice
  • Products can be shipped without ice

Shipping and temporary storage for up to 1 month at room temperature has no detrimental effects on the quality of Solis BioDyne`s Taq DNA polymerases. Routine is still storage: -20ºC.

Multiple Freeze-Thaw cycles

Guaranteed stability for one month can also be divided in several shorter periods and the days of exposure to room temperature should sum up to 30 or less all together. Enzymes remain fully active after undergoing up to 50 freeze and thaw cycles within their shelf life.

PCR & qPCR Kit Specifications & Price

Information and specifications about the kits can be found Here

How to order

Orders are accepted by e-mail.

Please provide the following information when ordering:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Name of your institution
  • Payment information
  • Name of the PCR & qPCR kits.

We offer free samples of our entire product range from Solis Biodyne. Please contact us for shipping costs.

Delivery including in-house turnover time of PCR & qPCR Kits is 3-5 working days.
We offer delivery of PCR & qPCR Kits in Denmark, solely.
Free delivery on orders of min. 300 DKK. Orders below we charge 30 DKK
To be kept at room temperature for 30 days.