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Over the past 15 years, we have delivered thousands of peptides to the pharmaceutical industry, universities and institutions, mainly in Europe. For those on a budget, we offer the highest quality at the most competitive pricing.

Custom Peptides

Our custom peptide are purified with a Reversed Phase HPLC (RP-HPLC). We offer eight different purity grades for our custom peptide: crude, desalted, >75%, >85%, >90% >95%, >98% and >99%.

Our peptides supports a full range of custom modifications such as simple and complex peptides, short and long peptides, normal and special amino acids, biotinylation, phosphorylation, dye labelling, disulfide bonds, etc.

Our standard custom peptide is 6-30 amino acid residues in length. Though we do produce <6 and >30 amino acid residues in length according to our the specifications of our customers (60 amino acid residues in length).

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Cosmetic Peptides

TAG Copenhagen offers a variety of cosmetic peptides at low cost. Please contact our customer service for a quotation.

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Price list

We have included our most common Custom Peptides and Standard Bioactive Peptides available. Please contact us if you have special inquiries, as we offer more than 3.000 peptides.

Order Now

Orders are accepted by e-mail or on our online order portal.

Please provide the following information when ordering:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Name of your institution
  • Payment information
  • Peptides (one peptide per line)
    • Quantity
    • Sequence
    • Purity


Delivery of peptides is 3-5 weeks.
We offer worldwide delivery.
Free delivery on orders of min. 300 €.
*Shipping for orders below 300 € within Europe is 40 €
*Shipping for orders below 300 € outside Europe is 50 €

Storage & handling

To be kept frozen at -18 C. Peptides are stabile when kept frozen but we cannot guarantee the stability if you freeze-thaw the peptide. Therefore, we recommend that you divide the received peptide into aliquots to avoid freeze-thaw cycles. We can deliver you peptide in aliquots, if desired.

Additional Information

Find our safety documents here

Please note: all peptides listed in this website are for research or production use only, not for direct human use.