Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis

Gene synthesis service at low cost, and high quality. Assuming all sequences are codon optimized for protein expression and high GC content as well as repeated sequences are modified for easy manipulation and gene synthesis to meet required turnaround time.

In the event the construct is toxic to E. coli or will not clone, the customer will be contacted immediately and an alternative gene synthesis strategy will be agreed upon to generate the desired construct (an additional fee may be added).

You will receive

  • 2-5 µg of plasmid DNA containing the synthesized gene
  • A stab of E. coli harboring the plasmid and gene
  • Certificate of Analysis for each construct
  • Sequence trace files, double strand sequence verification.
  • Text and Doc files of the gene sequence alone and combined with plasmid

Turnaround time

Delivery time of your gene synthesis will depend on the sequence complexity and length.

  • Sequences up 2 kb: approx. 2 weeks
  • Sequences 2kb to 3kb: approx. 3 weeks
  • Sequences larger than 3 kb: a turnaround will be provided upon analysis

How to order

Please contact our customer service for a gene synthesis quotation at