O-Methyl RNA

2´ O-Methyl RNA

2ʹ O-Methyl RNA (Oligo-2’ O-Methyl nucleotide) are resistant (but not totally resistant) to a variety of ribo-
and deoxyribonucleases. 2ʹ O-Methyl RNA is stable to normal handling and nuclease resistant. 2ʹ O-Methyl
RNA form even more stable hybrids with complementary RNA strands than equivalent DNA and RNA

TAG Copenhagen is a leading manufacturer of 2ʹ O-Methyl RNA nucleotides to universities, hospitals and
pharma/biotech across Europe since 1996.

Important information

  • Expected minimum yield is based on a 20 mer. actual yield may vary depending on oligo length and sequence composition
  • Cataloque prices are subject to change without notice
  • Catalogue prices are excluding shipping costs

How to order

Please contact our customer service for a quotation and when ordering 2ʹ O-Methyl RNA oligos.