NGS Oligos

NGS Oligos

NGS Oligos, or better known as Next Generation Sequencing Oligos, are designed for improved data interpretation
while multiplexing your Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing generates massive amounts of data. It is of vital importance that the generated data
is high quality data. Our experienced research engineers have worked on this project for some time and now they
have developed a new way to synthesize and purify oligos used for multiplex Next Generation Sequencing.

We call it NGS Oligos

NGS Oligos (HPLC purified)SequencePurificationMin. ODPrice DKK/base
0.01 μmol NGS Oligon/an/an/an/a
0.04 μmol NGS Oligo*8-80HPLC23,50
0.20 μmol NGS Oligo**8-80HPLC45,60
0.20 μmol NGS Oligo extra long**81-120HPLC211,20
1.00 μmol NGS Oligo***8-80HPLC2015,50
* Additional fee for 0.04 μmol NGS Oligo175,00
** Additional fee for 0.2 μmol NGS Oligo225,00
*** Additional fee for 1.00 μmol NGS Oligo350,00

Important information

  • Expected minimum yield is based on a 20 mer. Actual yield may vary depending on oligo length and sequence
  • composition
  • Catalogue prices are subject to change without notice
  • Prices are in DKK ex VAT.
  • Catalogue prices are excluding shipping costs


NGS Oligos are available with all our modifications.

Price list for NGS Oligos:

Please inquire should you have any other Oligo Modification requirements.

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