DNA/RNA Synthesizer

DNA/RNA synthesizer from OligoMaker

OligoMaker ApS has provided software and instruments for DNA synthesis to DNA synthesis labs around the world. The technologies are developed in collaboration with TAG Copenhagen and all prototypes are tested in daily production at TAG Copenhagen prior to market launch. OligoMaker ApS was founded back in 1996 as a technology R&D division of TAG Copenhagen A/S. OligoMaker ApS has assisted DNA synthesis labs with:

  • Equipment (DNA synthesizers)
  • Software
  • Training

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About OligoMaker

  • A fast cost-effective oligonucleotide synthesizer
  • Can synthesize ex. 10 oligos (20-mer) in less than 1,5 hours
  • Can be upgraded to make 96 and 192 oligos in parallel
  • Is designed for synthesis of primers and probes in 10, 50 and 1.000 nmol scale
  • All oligos are synthesized in parallel, and the final product is ready for post synthesis treatment in a 96 titre format
  • Compact design: 65x55x55 cm (LxHxD), weight 55 kg

Turn-key oligo laboratories

OligoMaker together with TAG Copenhagen have the expertise to offer a personalized service, establishing working DNA/RNA synthesis laboratories in partnership with our clients.

Projects designed by OligoMaker are entirely flexible and tailored to the needs of each partner, while at all times maintaining the maximum quality guarantee.

Installation and Start-Up of the Working Laboratory:

  • Physical Laboratory Set-up (preparation of rooms, installing workbenches, electrical outlets etc)
  • Instrument Installation and Calibration
  • Equipping Laboratory with Chemicals and Reagent
  • Scientific and Technical Training

Working Laboratory:

  • Continuous Technical Support
  • Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Provision of Laboratory Staff Training
  • Continuous Logistical Support (providing consumables, reagents, new technologies, instrumentation etc.)
  • Additional Service Contracts after Warranties Expire

Videos about Oligomaker machines and how to use them

For further information about the DNA/RNA synthesizer